Symptom Self-Check Form

How are you feeling today?

Before entering our building,
we ask that you complete the at-home symptom self-check form below.

If cleared, we look forward to seeing you soon! When you arrive, please check-in at our District Hall Check-In table where we have a contactless check-in process, powered by Tapple. The Tapple Health Screener is a consumer-friendly mobile waiver and contact tracing tool, designed to help business owners welcome staff and guests back safely. Check-ins are completed by scanning a Tapple QR code on-site.

Your responses to this self-check form will not be saved or shared in any way, and will only be used to generate a recommendation for whether you should come in. Keep in mind that District Hall is not a medical or health authority; for any questions or concerns related to your health or symptoms you may be experiencing, we encourage you to contact a healthcare professional.