Special Events

Host your special event at District Hall.

Our space is designed to inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and make great ideas come to life.

District Hall’s unique space is ideal for events that break from tradition, redefine the rules, and celebrate the creative process. We’ve hosted everything from multi-day conferences and hackathons to video shoots and weddings. For all large events at District Hall, you will work closely with the events and catering team at Briar Events to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

See below for more of the endless possibilities that our space offers + check out our Events brochure with more information!

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District Hall is an ideal venue for small to medium-sized conferences. We have spaces of all different sizes to accommodate lectures, small breakouts, and open networking time.

Hackathons + Expos

District Hall’s flexible space and writeable walls allow for hackathon and expo attendees to truly make their ideas come to life — all over the building! Please note that we cannot accommodate 24-hour hackathons, but we are happy to work with your team to find an ideal schedule.

PHoto + Video Shoots

We’ve heard from our community that one of the most pressing needs in the start-up community is flexible space to shoot professional photos, pitch videos, and promotional materials. Our writeable walls and moveable furniture mean that you can transform the space easily, quickly, and beautifully!

Weddings + Receptions

District Hall is perfect for intimate, creative, and unique weddings. Our IdeaPaint walls allow you to customize the space, and we can accommodate a variety of layouts to suit your special day. For more information on weddings at District Hall, click here.

Parties, Galas, + MoRE


    Whatever the occasion, District Hall’s unique space is the perfect venue for any celebration. With customizable lights, satellite bars, ample dancing space, and writeable walls, your guests will have the time of their lives!