Programs that build community

Programs that help entrepreneurs grow

Programs that foster creativity

District Hall’s programs and resources are designed with the community in mind.


Our mission is to bring people together and connect them to the resources they need to be successful. Through our programs and resources, we are growing the innovation community, fostering creativity and collaboration, and unleashing new channels of knowledge and brainpower.



Public Lounge

We operate a free, public lounge for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and community members.

Pop-Ups + Exhibitions

District Hall hosts temporary pop-ups and exhibitions for startups, organizations, and government to showcase new ideas and build connections.

Office Hours

We partner with experienced mentors in a wide range of fields to provide free mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.


Café Nights

Café Nights at District Hall are an opportunity for the innovation community to exchange knowledge, build connections, and grow.

Community Coffees

Every month, we bring together different sectors of the innovation community around shared interests and diverse experiences to build a more connected, personal innovation community.

Skills workshops

Skills workshops are an opportunity for members of the innovation community to develop both hard and soft skills, covering a range of personal and professional topics.

Have An Idea?

District Hall is built by the community, for the community. We are always developing exciting new programming to build a stronger, more accessible innovation community. If you have an idea to provide more free, public programming to our community, let us know!